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Replacement Lenses

  • Product Type: C40
  • Design: 3.96"×0.48"(10.1cm×4.9cm×1.2cm)
  • Weight: 0.80oz.(22.5grams)
  • Material: ABS plastic body with coated polycarbonate lens
  • Specification: Meets ASTM D 4280
  • Effective Date: 2016

Product Description:

Product Description: Raised pavement markers are a safety device used on roads to improve delineation and increase preview time, particularly under wet conditions, and have been shown to decrease crash rates on highways with raised pavement marker center lines by approximately 0.5 crashed per million vehicle miles.

Raised pavement markers play an important safety function on roads, communicating both the travel path for short and long range vehicle operation.

The marker is most often applied to the inside of a cast iron housing. The cast iron housing is then installed on the roadway using either epoxy or bitumen. This raised pavement marker may also be surface applied using epoxy, bitumen, or preformed thermoplastic.

Product Advantages:

  • · Abrasion resistant coating provides enhanced retained reflectivity
  • · Advanced optics deliver high reflectivity and durability
  • · Initial Sl values engineered to at least double ASTM standards
  • · Recommended for high ADT and high intensity conditions


Available in 100 piece boxes per color combination. One pallet (36" x 40" x 27") = 72 boxes or 7,200 markers. One truckload = 26 pallets.


The following lens colors are available: white, yellow, red, blue, green, and fluorescent orange. Markers are available as a oneway marker with one lens and one plug, a two-way marker with two lenses of the same color, or a two-way marker with two different colored lenses.